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Examination System


The yearly assessment now involves scholastic and co-scholastic domains.

CCE is now divided into 3 parts:

PART I:      Consists of the evaluation of scholastic attainments which will be reflected in the form of grades converted from the marks obtained. There will be 2 terms and each term will carry 2 formative and 1 summative assessment.

Grading will be done on a nine point scale given at the back of the report card.

PART II: Consists of co-scholastic areas which has 2 groups:

  1.  Life skills
  2.  Attitudes and values
  • Life skills involves - Thinking skills, Social skills and Emotional skills. This will be assessed on a 5-point grading scale (given at the back of the report card).
  • Attitude towards Teachers, School mates, School programmes, and environment will be assessed on a 3-point grading scale.
  • Value system: Where universal values that need to be strengthened within the school system and outside by teachers, parents, and community will be assessed. For eg. Commitment, respect, honesty, peace loving nature, attitude, responsibility, etc. these will be assessed on a 3-point grading scale.

PART III:    Consists of co-scholastic areas which again consists of 2 groups:

  1.   Refers to Literary and Creative skills, Scientific skills,  Aesthetic skills and Performing arts, and Clubs (Eco,
      Health, Wellness Club, etc).
  2.   Consists of 8 different kinds of activities:
    • Sports / indigenous sports (Kho Kho etc)
    • NCC / NSS
    • Scouting and Guiding
    • Swimming
    • Gymnastics
    • Yoga
    • First Aid
    • Gardening / Shramdaan

Examination System 2016-17

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Examination System
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